Atomic Blonde premiere arrivals

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Universal Celebrates "The Mummy Day" with 75-Foot Sarcophagus Takeover at Hollywood & Highland

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Almost Christmas premiere arrivals

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“Bad Moms” the biggest comedy is in DVD & Blu Ray


By Jenny Alvarez.

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Bad Moms, the year’s biggest R-rated comedy – a runaway hit with audiences and critics alike – is coming to Digital HD on October 18, 2016 and Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand on November 1, 2016, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Read more

Neighbors 2 premiere arrivals

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Captain America " Civil War"

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The Huntsman: Winter's War premiere arrivals

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“Jurassic World” is considered the best summer blockbuster

By J. Alvarez

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Any viewer might have memorable moments in the whole movie, and one of the highlighted is when you see for first time the T-Rex escape or memorable kills. Now is possible in “Jurassic World” 3D and the Jurassic World 3D Blu-ray release. With a great cast such Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan, Nick Robinson. You will enjoy this film full of  features included English Master Audio in English, Spanish and French and English Dolby Digital with some deleted scenes and subtitles with the same languages.

22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park (also known as Jurassic World) is open for business. After years of studying genetics the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur, a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine–escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.

A film full of worthy dialogues and scenes which main message is “Don’t mess with Mother Nature, or the past.” From director Colin Trevorrow. Screenplay, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Derek Connolly, Trevorrow; story, Jaffa, Silver, based on characters created by Michael Crichton. “Jurassic World” promises to make a difference even many have not considered one of the best. However, it was a solid little thrill show and entertaining, it is. A formulaic and totally predictable film with good visual effects that you can see them more than once and then move on.


More action at home with Furious 7 Blu-ray

By GTVW Staff

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Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast under director James Wan in Furious 7. Furious 7 took in a massive $1.51 billion at the worldwide box office, making it one of the top grossing films of the year. Now you will have a great Combo Blu-ray since September 15, 2015. A new, revenge-minded enemy named Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) has his sights set on Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew. But action is the furthest thing from their minds. Dom is working hard to rebuild his relationship with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who has lost her memory. Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) has traded in his street racer for a minivan and is living life as a father with his son Jack (Miller and Charlie Kimsey) and girlfriend Mia (Jordana Brewster).

The film’s screenwriter, Chris Morgan, revealed that he’d decided to make Paul Walker’s character exit more of a retirement during Furious 7.

With great audio in English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, Spanish: DTS 5.1 and French (Canada): DTS 5.1 and subtitles in English SDH, French and Spanish. Your collection will be completed with 50GB Blu-ray Disc in two-disc set (1 BD, 1 DVD) with many settings as UV digital copy, iTunes digital copy, Digital copy and DVD copy. Definitely, a film that worth in passion for action films.

"Furious 7" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

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