Eclipse pays a visit to LA


Text and photos by Alfonso De Elias

Griffith Observatory was the place where many were able to see the partial eclipse of the Sun in Los Angeles the last Monday, August 21. The Sun during the partial solar eclipse had the best introduction for the local public and some others from different countries. Read more

Griffith Observatory Honors Councilmember Tom Labonge with “BIG BANG” celebration

By Jenny Álvarez

Photos Alfonso De Elías

It was a celebration for a councilman Tom Labonge who has done a lot for the L.A. community for the past 40 years, especially helping the Griffith Observatory. Therefore there were few auctions to donate money so was surrounded by many wealthy people and politicians. The event celebrated LaBonge’s distinguished service to the Los Angeles community and his stature as a Star of Stars at Griffith Observatory. Actor Neal McDonough and KTLA 5 Morning News host Lynette Romero were Masters of Ceremony for the festive event. Definitely was a great social event with the best and distinguished people.