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August 14, 2015

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July 27, 20116 years ago

Family and friends were at funeral of Amy Winehouse in London

By GalaTView Staff

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NO ONE may know if she suffered in her final moments alone in bed but last night Amy Winehouse was laid to rest, her well documented troubles finally over.

The 27-year-old singer, who was found dead at her Camden home in north London on Sunday, was cremated during a private ceremony overnight.

Her parents Mitch and Janis and brother Alex were joined by Winehouse’s close friends including Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and close friend Kelly Osbourne – in a Winehouse beehive – and music producer Mark Ronson at the the Golders Green crematorium in north London.

A private service had been held earlier in Edgware, North London.

Police were called in to control up to 500 fans, media and onlookers who flooded the area to pay their respects outside the Jewish ceremony.

The service was led by a rabbi and included prayers in English and Hebrew and reminiscences from Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse.

The cab driver and jazz singer, who helped foster his daughter’s love of music, ended his eulogy with the words: “Goodnight, my angel, sleep tight. Mummy and Daddy love you ever so much.”

It ended with a rendition of Carole King’s So Far Away, one of Winehouse’s favorite songs.

“Mitch was funny, he told some great stories from childhood about how headstrong she was, and clearly the family and friends recognized the stories and laughed along,” said family spokesman Chris Goodman.

Winehouse’s ex-husband and former junkie Blake Fielder-Civil, 29, was unable to attend and remained in a northern England prison where he is serving 32 months for burglary and a firearm offence.

The cause of death remains unknown, but Winehouse’s family reportedly believe she died from a heart attack or seizure due to years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Police will take a further four weeks to finalize toxicology results.

Winehouse’s boyfriend Reg Traviss, 35, told of his heartache over the loss of “my dear love”.

“I can’t describe what I’m going through,” the film director told The Sun newspaper.

“I want to thank all those who are mourning the loss of Amy – such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love.”

He said Winehouse had not been struggling to cope, as reports have suggested, but had been looking forward to a friend’s wedding in the days leading up to her death. Winehouse’s funeral was at the same crematorium and mausoleum where actor Peter Sellers, The Who drummer Keith Moon and Marc Bolan of TRex were cremated.



July 24, 20116 years ago

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July 23, 20116 years ago

Tragedy in Oslo

GalaTView Staff


Oslo, Norway- Before Friday’s attacks in Norway, the nation had been grappling with terrorism concerns, including a homegrown plot linked to al-Qaida. Norway’s prime minister says an island where 80 people were killed in a massacre was “my childhood paradise that  was transformed into Hell.”

Police have one suspect in custody. Stoltenberg said it was too early to comment on the motives behind the attacks. However, two suspects are in jail awaiting charges.

Whoever was responsible for Friday’s attacks, Ayers said it appeared possible that more than one person was involved.

It was a secondary attack that seemed to confirm it was a man called Stoltenberg, who had been working at home and his party who were the intended victims.


A gunman had opened fire at Utoya and anti-terror units were being dispatched to the scene.
Speaking again after the shooting at the island youth camp where he had been due to speak on Saturday, Stoltenberg added: “There is a critical situation at Utoya.”


This tragedy involved about 700 people, mostly teenagers between 14 and 18, were assembled for the camp.

Terrorism has also been a concern in many countries. So GalaTView is against to this tragedy and our prayers are with the victims.



July 22, 20116 years ago

Is there a friendship with benefits?

By GalaTView Staff

Photos by Screen Gems

When New York based executive recruiter Jamie trains her considerable headhunting skills on luring hotshot LA-based art director Dylan to take a dream job in the Big Apple, they quickly realize what kindred spirits they are. They’ve each been through so many failed relationships that they are both ready to give up on love and focus on having fun. If they add casual “no emotions” sex to their friendship, can they avoid all the pitfalls that come with thinking about someone else as more than just a pal?

In a press junket interview they told us:

Mila Kunis (Jamie):” It is a romance comedy and you can watch how the characters fall in love with. Is not the typical comedy and I watched so many with this gender. It like hidings but you can’t only take it so far I think is insane when a person is interested you have to get them involved so you have to be very careful with the people.


Mila had a really good laugh when we did this question to her. Do you think that relationships are complicated? And she answered us that she was agreeing with our question.” In general I think relationships are complicated every couple has complicated relationships so it is an impact in your life.”

Justin Timberlake (Dylan): “We are part of this comedy and is not a sex comedy is not a slack of comedy. You can notice the difference when is not funny and when it is. We just found the funniest part in an obvious situation. And also we thought you actually can fall in love with just like these people are. They were fall in love with each other without notice before. Although they are closer they still are friends not for having just sex.”

“We didn’t want to say that this movie has to be sexier but I think is the only one which talks about this couple issues; including Dylan personal issues in his family. These moments that happened to Dylan are not mentioned so they are jumping to their situation so his insecure affected them. To me this movie is more real in these times and speaks more than other movies.”




July 19, 20116 years ago

This summer Captain America is coming to save our world

GalaTView Staff

The most mysterious of the Marvel movies may also end up being its most iconic. Read more

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