Bruce Lee reborn in “Birth of the Dragon”

Birth Of The Dragon

By GTVW Staff

Foto By : Courtesy

It’s the 1960s in San Francisco and is the celebration of Bruce Lee and the infamous fight which gave birth to a legend and changed his fighting style forever.  The story is inspired by the real-life epic and still controversial showdown between an up-and-coming Lee and kung fu master Wong Jack Man and stars Philip Ng, in an uncanny performance as Bruce Lee in his North American debut.

During 89 minutes,  director George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), brought together leading martial arts choreogrpaher Corey Yuen (X-Men, Transporter 1-3); director of photography Amir Mokri (Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Fast & Furious) and celebrated actors Xia Yu (The Painted Veil, Waiting Alone)who plays Wong Jack Man, Lee’s famed challenger, Jingjing Qu, Jin Xing and Simon Yin. A film full of wisdom among two elements: mental strength and physical strength in a rivalry considered as one of the toughest fight. You will enjoy good choreography for many fight scenes despite the ideological differences with Shaolin master Wong Jack Man (Yu Xia) via a legendary fight behind closed doors. Definitely is an entertaining film with no great expectative of the real story.



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